7 Sweater Layers for Him


I've recently realized sweaters are the most undervalued part of my Fall wardrobe. While jackets/coats and sneakers/boots steal all the attention, sweaters have a way of capturing the more subtle autumnal layers and textures. With its varying bold and skinny stripes, along with multiple textures (the black area is ribbed while the orange is smooth), this sweater from Zara I'm wearing in particular embodies the fun I've been having with mixing and matching different textures and patterns this Fall. At the bottom of this post, I have linked a number of my favorite men's fall sweaters.

Side note on these chinos from Asos - you can get a two pack (I snagged these in khaki and blue) for $54! In regards to sizing, I went with the 31X32 skinny. I also own a pair of the slim 32x32 in grey, but they can get kinda bunchy around the waist. For reference, I'm 6'1, 175ish.

The whole look is linked below after the sweaters.