3 Effortless Ways to Pair a Blazer and T Shirt


I've always loved something about the ease of a blazer to make any outfit look a bit more sophisticated and put together.  The first blazer I ever owned (in college) was a really streamlined number with ruched 3/4 sleeves and a dark checkered print. I remember throwing that sucker on with a pair of jeans before one of those evil 8:30am classes when I had rolled out of bed and had no makeup on, but somehow with the blazer I suddenly looked respectable! It was basically a miracle.  And as it turns out, blazers still have that miraculous power to transform. But unlike the blazers of yesteryear (boxy buttoned up numbers with shoulder pads and traditional lapels), blazers now come in all cuts, lengths, patterns, colors and fits so you can take them any direction you like! 

One of my favorite ways to wear a blazer is freakishly simple: throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt!

For a fun twist, this weekend I threw on a bright red t-shirt under my blazer and wore some studded boots for a little bit of sass.

Scroll down for all 3 of my favorite Blazer/t-shirt pairings for Fall!



Pop of Color

Current Look

Rock and Roll


With love from Chicago,