Favorite Bags for Fall


With temperatures in the 90s late into September, I had actually forgotten that Fall had officially arrived! This season has always held a special place in my heart. As a kid I actually (I know.. I was crazy) LOVED going back to school. I loved carefully selecting which Lisa Frank notebooks would be part of my binder collection. I loved picking which planner style I would get (weekly, monthly? Daily, weekly? Daily, monthly?... ).  I loved looking through Fall catalogues and picking out my first day of school outfit. I loved being together with friends all day again! I loved watching the leaves change and admiring the fiery array of colors. I loved watching the cornfields turn from green to gold.

I still love everything about Fall.  There’s something glorious about the general cozy-ness of the season, the blustery days with leaves falling, and the chilly days with soup and ‘sodes. I love the nostalgia that Fall evokes, and I even love the bittersweet feeling of Summer fading away. I love to listen to my “hibernation” playlist and embrace what is coming to pass. And I still love watching the leaves change every fall. The colors still captivate me, and I love it when the bright and airy colors of summer get swapped for the warm yet rich and moody colors of Autumn. I also love bringing those colors into play in what I’m wearing.

Some of my favorite bags of the season really play off of that rich Autumn Color palette too!

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite trends for handbags this Fall and showing some of the styles that best exemplify those looks.  Since I always like to keep 98% of my own purchases in the affordable/everyday realm, most of the styles here fall in that category, but I’ve included a few of my favorite wishlist/designer/splurge items too!

autumn hues

These beauties make me want to throw a bunch of leaves in the air and watch them flutter to the ground. The colors and patterns make these the perfect accessories for the season!

Topshop "ORIANa" Floral Corsage Cross Body Bag

the floral details on this bag are such a fun touch that adds texture and color

dune evania

The faux leather and suede textures look luxurious in this jewel tone!

zara suede crossbody with gold chain


The ultra-rich hue of this bag screams FALL to me! This one is definitely at the top of my list.

asos crossbody


This fun bag shows off a few fun seasonal trends- 1) the guitar strap style shoulder strap 2) the incorporation of primary red 3) the sharp structure you'll see in the bags below!



The sharp lines and geometric shape of this bag make it both edgy and sleek and contemporary. Definitely a winning combo!

I LOVE these bags.  Sharp corners, clean lines. They’re sassy. And edgy. Full of attitude and strength. I’ve never been someone who would splurge big time on something like a trendy designer bag, but if I ever did it would be for the Prada Cahier crossbody.  It would be perfect with a sweater, faux leather leggings, and combat boots.


Zara Contrasting Crossbody

This bag is a nice mix of structured and classic. The quilted portion has a Channel quality about it, but the boxy shape gives it a more structured look. 

Prada Cahier 

So much admiration for the design of this bag! I love the chunky metal hardware, the wide leather strap, the metal edging!


zara Splite suede Crossbody wallet

The perfect, sleek date night look!

These classic black beauties are perfect for any season, but especially perfect for Fall.  They all have clean lines and a sleek silhouette.  If there were a designer bag that I might someday in life splurge for it would be a classic black YSL. Over the past few years I’ve watched a number of designers create styles that come and go, but very few luxury brands have created such a consistent, classic, yet sleek and sexy style.  

Topshop "Remy" crossbody

Sleek and sexy. Period.


My ultimate dream bag :) classic. elegant. sharp. sexy.

Everyday Bags

These bags have clean simple looks and a decent bit of space to hold all of your random accumulated stuff plus your husband’s wallet, keys and cell phone 😉.

Camelia roma Grained Leather HandBag

This bag has plenty of space and a classic look with a very high quality make.  An EXCELLENT value and beautiful design!

zara backpack

This fun backpack is a step up from that Jansport you had at school! The ring clasp adds a nice detail and you can't beat the practicality of wearing it on your back!

With love from Chicago,