DIY Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack


Over the past couple of weeks we have been in the process of giving our mud room a much needed face lift. We'll be giving the whole before / after later this week, but first the clothing rack.

Drum roll.....


Here's the run down on how to build an industrial pipe clothing rack!

The specifications below build a 6 feet tall x 3 feet wide clothing/coat rack.:

  • (4) Steel Pipes (3/4" x 30") - Connect 2 with a coupling to create the vertical portion.
  • (4) Steel Pipes (3/4" x 8") - Connect 2 with a t-fitting.
  • (4) Floor Flanges (3/4") - Fit to each street elbow, completing the base.
  • (4) 90 Degree Street Elbows (3/4") Connect to the end of each 8" pipe.
  • (2) 90 Degree Elbows (3/4") - Connect to the top of the top 30" pipe.
  • (2) Threaded Tee Fittings (3/4")
  • (2) Couplings (3/4")
  • (1) Steel Pipe (3/4" x 36") - Connect to the two vertical frames to create the cross bar.

All items linked below.

PLEASE NOTE, don't be like the noobs we were and forget to wear gloves when handling the pipes in store. The piping is very greasy and will rub off on everything. We looked like a couple of car mechanics by the time we walked out of Home Depot! Don't worry, when you get home, you can soak and wash the pipes with soap and water, drying them with a rag, and this takes care of most of the grease issue. Using steel wool to scrub off grease worked really well for us.

Overall, it was an easy project that took under an hour to complete (including cleaning off the pipes). Ultimately, we plan to use this for our winter coats and jackets, so we wanted the rack to be high enough off the ground that any long coats wouldn't drag. It also needed to be wide enough to hold the majority of our coats, while also leaving room for any guests. In total the 3 foot wide rack holds about 15-20 coats.

It's been really fun to do a few projects around our apartment and get handy! Stay tuned for the complete mud room makeover.

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With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer