Cozy City Balcony on a Budget


We are so excited to be able to share our cozy urban balcony with you guys today! Once Daniel and I had signed our lease for another year at our apartment, we got re-inspired to make our space feel even more like home.

It's been (many) years since either of us has had a backyard of any kind, but we really wanted to create a cozy outdoor space in the city we could enjoy in these sweet Summer months!

We landed on a neutral grey/beige color palette accented by a few lush green plants, and we scoured our favorite budget friendly websites to find a small sofa, bistro set, and rug that would fit with this scheme.

In the end we couldn't have been happier with how it turned out! We still have plans to put some final touches on it, but we're 90% there and wanted to show you how we completed this balcony for under $500. 

Below you can find the links for the items we used to create our cozy city balcony on a budget!

(note: we purchased some items when websites were running sale events. If you see something that's slightly outside of your budget, check back at the websites every so often as they will often have steep sales over holidays or for end of season clearance!


  • Sofa:                $199
  • Bistro Set:       $109
  • Rug:                 $78
  • Throw Pillows: $29
  • Pillow Covers:  $38
  • Plants & soil:    $43
  • Planters (thrifted many years ago- negligible cost)

TOTAL: $497

Bistro Dining Set






 Outfit Details


With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer