Americana Style


I'll admit that my "patriotism tank" is running on fumes lately as I hear the news of all that is happening in our country right now. I often wonder "what on earth does it even mean to be an American? Why should I be proud to be an American??"

I've always been one to be cautious about excessive patriotism (complete devotion to a country or government above all else seems foolish, blind, and frankly dangerous), but I've also been realizing that we do have so much to be grateful for and proud of. For instance, the freedom of speech. I know this can even be obstructed at times, but in general I am amazed at the things we are able to say and the many platforms we can communicate through without censorship. That is a beautiful thing, and one that (hopefully) will always help us hold our governing authorities accountable! I am also so grateful for the simple freedoms like choosing my own profession or career as opposed to that being mandated by the government. I'm extremely grateful for the freedom of religion which allows me to practice my faith openly as I know so many people in the world are persecuted for following Jesus. Something else I am SO grateful for is our "melting pot"! We are so blessed to experience so much diversity and to have so many people to learn from!

No, America is not perfect. In fact, America has many flaws. But I am grateful for our many freedoms and I truly am PROUD to be an American!

This Fourth of July, Daniel and I will be celebrating on my brother's rooftop as we watch fireworks all across the city against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline, and we will certainly be gearing up in a bit of red, white, and blue.

If you're looking for last minute festive wear, I've linked some of my favorite patriotic pieces below :)


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