3 Easy Home Decor Updates


We love making our home stylish and inviting - we feel like the style of our home expresses a lot about who we are and it's a fun and creative way for us to "play" ;)  But what do you do after you've invested in several key pieces and arranged your space, but you still want to give your space a refresh? Lord knows we're not going to be buying new couches or dining sets every year (let alone every few months!), but we still want to update our space in a creative, welcoming way.

Today we want to share three easy ways to change up your home decor!


1) Add Fresh Plants or Flowers!

This is my favorite way to liven up a room! We love experimenting with new flowers and plants - every few weeks we usually will bring in a small "bouquet" from the grocery store - usually the flowers will cost us between $7-15 depending on what type we get and how many rooms we want to put blooms in.  We also love playing with eucalyptus or other cuts of greenery.  Generally we try to keep it seasonal - in spring we'll add daffodils or tulips, summer we'll add hydrangea, fall we'll usually pull in an assortment of flowers in burnt orange, red, or purple hues, and winter we'll do sprigs of evergreen or eucalyptus branches.

2) Change Up Your Prints and Pictures

One of the ways we add in some personality is by sprinkling some prints around - both hanging and standing.  I've often displayed artwork or prints in antique wood frames that have a bit of character to them.  Many of our prints are seasonal, so we'll keep our frames up, but change the prints based on the holiday or time of year!  One of our favorite spots for seasonal prints is Rose Harrington Shop on Etsy.  


We like applying this same concept with photos we display in our apartment. We've never been ones to put loads of photos of ourselves around our apartment (which in some ways is ironic since we take a lot of pictures, and we've had some AMAZING photos taken - especially from our engagement and wedding) but we do like having a few special pics around and because we have so many that we love we often rotate which ones we display. 

We really like the concept of these digital frames from Aura Frames  that allow you to upload a bunch of photos and then allow it to rotate through photos, or set how long you want your photos to display before moving to the next in queue.

(PS - sneak peak of our bedroom makeover below! Full post coming soon!)


3) Rearrange your accent pieces

It takes planning, measuring, time and energy to move big pieces of furniture around, but it's SUPER easy to push your bar cart to another corner, turn your coffee table the other direction, or move your end table into the other room. These small tweaks can keep your layout ever-changing even with the same pieces in the same space.


With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer