Valentine’s Date Night Looks


Valentine's Day has long reigned as a beloved holiday for me... ever since elementary school and junior high I've cherished making Valentine's cards or special treats for family and friends, and I've looked forward to the bright colors in the midst of the gloomiest months of the year. In fact, I was maybe even a little bit over the top about some of my Valentine's Day traditions. For YEARS I persisted in my tradition of creating personalized Valentines using candy conversations hearts that were glued to paper (nothing says "you're special to me" like a card that says "fax me"!! AMIRIGHT?!)


But this year my mood just wasn't So rather than going for a delicate, feminine, look with touches of red or pink for a Valentine's date, I opted for an elegant but simple black jumpsuit and added some moody drama with a brown faux fur coat and emerald green heels.

Daniel and I often find ourselves accidentally matching (it's honestly hilarious sometimes- my clothes are in another room and we often both walk out wearing almost identical outfits!), but he opted for a lively patterned button down for a more tailored and playful take on the dark and moody tones.  

A quick note on fit: the jumpsuit is incredibly comfortable - the material is soft and has a decent bit of stretch to it.  I sized up because the brand is European and wish I had ordered true to size.  The faux fur coat is also TTT and is actually very warm so it's both super fun and luxe but also VERY practical. 

Check out our full his and hers Valentine's Day (with a moody twist) looks below!  

With love from Chicago,

Jennifer + Daniel


Special thanks to Alex and Kaitlyn at Lykke Visuals for capturing our love in these shots!