Day 2: Stocking Stuffers


Stuffing each others stockings has become one of our favorite early Christmas traditions together. They aren't always the flashiest or most practical gifts, but they are thoughtful and always fun. We've rounded up some creative stocking stuffer ideas (including these cute little 200ml Koval Whiskey bottles) in the links below!

Before you proceed further - a funny story about those deer mugs pictured above. It feels like we've been wanting to scoop up every mug out there this season (we've shown a lot of restraint so far!) and couldn't pass up these H&M mugs. However, when they came in the mail, we opened the box to find these are MINI mugs, which of course prompted Daniel to start quoting Zoolander - What is this? a coffee mug for ants?! So beware - these H&M mugs are truly stocking stuffers but are adorable and are great for espresso!


With love from Chicago, 

Daniel + Jennifer