NYC Men's Fall Streetstyle 2017


Fall is by far our favorite season. Jeans. Layers on layers. Sneakers and boots. Crispness in the air. Football season kicking off. Spiced (and spiked!) drinks around campfires. It's a magical time of year to say the least. If only we didn't have the frigid winter lurking behind it! But despite what we know is to follow, we are more excited than ever for autumn to arrive and arrive in style!

Jennifer and I have this little pack of "chat questions" my mom gave us for our honeymoon - as if we weren't going to have enough things to "talk" about - that have actually been pretty fun working through this past year. One of the recent questions was "what is the outfit that you feel 'most you' while wearing?" 

skinny jeans paired with a crew neck sweatshirt and fresh sneaks are my everyday go to's for fall.

It's never easy saying goodbye to summer, so the outfit shown above eases some of that pain by maintaining cooler colors as I transition into full fall mode. Don't miss out on a few more of my favorite casual fall men's looks in the widget below.

With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer