Men's Swimwear 2018

Since Jennifer has already given a compelling argument for why Chicago Summers are the BEST Summers, I won't waste my breath. What I WILL do is share some of my top picks for men's swimwear this year. Check out her picks for women here !


While there are a variety of styles out there for men, the single biggest movement is to go shorter: Don't be afraid to show a little bit of guy thigh! As they say, sky's out, thighs out ;)

If short shorts aren't your thing, there are still a variety of patterns and lengths that you can still rock next time you're at the beach or pool! Bright colors and floral patterns continue to be a big trend in men's swimwear this year. I see the floral trend evolving in 2018 heading towards darker and moodier tones. Keep scrolling for all my recommendations!


Tropical Prints:


Bold Stripes and Color Block

Solid Color



With love from Chicago,