It's in the Details


We've been married for 6 and a half months.  Some people would probably say we're still in the honeymoon phase... where things are still new and exciting and easy.  To be honest, it's kind of true. We're really not any sort of experts on marriage, and we can't dispute that in many ways marriage IS still easy. It's fun being married to your best friend!  In this early stage of our married life together, we could probably be happy with the same routines and activities day in and day out simply because we're together.

However, we've realized the importance of continuing to find new ways to pursue one another as time goes on.  

One morning just a couple months ago, we realized it had been ages since we actually went out on a date.  Daniel suggested that we go to Spinning J (a local coffee shop/ cafe/ soda fountain near our apartment) to grab a bite to eat before our day started.  Initially I just wanted to ease into the day at home, but something made me change my mind.  All I know is that the small act of going out for coffee and (the world's best ever) strata and getting outside of our normal routines and context made a huge difference.  We interacted with each other as though we were on one of our workweek breakfast dates that we regularly went on when we first started dating.

Now it wasn't like this small gesture was needed in order to fix something that was broken. It was more like deciding to add fresh grated nutmeg to your pasta dough.... a small detail that added an element of depth and dimension and brought joy to the discerning palate.

In our marriage we're learning that the key to pursuing each other along the way is really all in the details. Sometimes the smallest and simplest changes from our daily routines and patterns can catch our attention just enough to change our perspective and refocus us on what really matters. We're excited to continue dating each other and finding small but meaningful ways to think of each other throughout our married life together!

The last time we made our way to Spinning J for a date, we grabbed a few pictures of a favorite item I picked up in the UK: the green sweatshirt I wore under my grey waterfall neck trapeze coat.  

This sweatshirt looks unassuming from the front, but when you turn around, the back is full of surprises!

Next: Embroidered Sweatshirt -  Similar Here  // Asos:  Grey Waterfall Trapeze Coat  // Charmin Charlie:  Black Crossbody

Next: Embroidered Sweatshirt - Similar Here // Asos: Grey Waterfall Trapeze Coat // Charmin Charlie: Black Crossbody

Next: Embroidered Sweatshirt -  Similar Here  // Asos:  Grey Waterfall Trapeze Coat  // Charmin Charlie:  Black Crossbody  // Macy's:  Franco Sarto Black Booties  //Old Navy:  Black Distressed Jeans

Next: Embroidered Sweatshirt - Similar Here // Asos: Grey Waterfall Trapeze Coat // Charmin Charlie: Black Crossbody // Macy's: Franco Sarto Black Booties //Old Navy: Black Distressed Jeans

Naturally, since I love analogies, I couldn't help but draw a parallel from my sweatshirt to our date... the details are everything! I don't mean to say the sweatshirt isn't quite good apart from the embroidery (in fact - it's one of the coziest and softest sweatshirts I've ever bought), but the embroidery is what makes it pop and sparkle! When I saw it my eye immediately was drawn to it. Functionally the embroidery is actually irrelevant. It does not make the sweatshirt warmer, higher quality, softer, or less prone to shrinkage.

The embroidery makes the sweatshirt beautiful. It adds something not necessary but lovely.

And one last detail we loved about this day... this epic mural :) we could not NOT stop for a few pics... you know what I mean?


At the risk of beating a dead horse, I'll just say this one last thing - Is my husband HANDSOME OR WHAT?!!!! #smittenkitten #hehandsome #lovehim #gagpukevomgross #mushygushy #cooties

H&M: Wool Coat -  Similar Here  // Topman:  Jeans  // Banana Republic: Scarf -  Similar Here  // Leather Camera Bag -  Similar Here

H&M: Wool Coat - Similar Here // Topman: Jeans // Banana Republic: Scarf - Similar Here // Leather Camera Bag - Similar Here

Seriously though, we're thankful for breakfast dates and nutmeg in our pasta and embroidered sweatshirts and we plan to keep on loving each other through the little details one day at a time :)

Much Love From Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer