Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Well our holiday gift guide is finally here, and we are so excited!

To be honest, even though we both love Christmas, in recent years we've both faced the season with a bit of apprehension as we know we'll never be able to fulfill family commitments, buys gifts for everyone, keep up with normal life, AND do any of the Christmas activities we've come to love over the years! In fact, last year was the first time in almost 10 years that I've not upheld my favorite Christmas tradition of going to the Kristkindle Market and spending a whole day shopping alone, and I made only two batches of cookies the entire month of December (which for me is a radically sub par amount of cookies)!!!

It seems the holiday season gets busier and busier with every passing year.

So this year, we put on our big kid pants and got serious about planning ahead so that we could enjoy the fun and nostalgic activities of the season a bit more. As we were planning and writing lists of what we wanted to get for family, we thought, "heck! since we've done all of this research on gift ideas and have a TON of personal favorites already... why not benefit ALL MANKIND by creating an easy to navigate, comprehensive gift guide?!"

And so it began.

One thing we wanted to avoid in this guide was to breakdown the gifts by how the person is related to you! Gifts "for dad" might mean a dapper jacket for your dad, but it would mean camouflage pants and deer urine for my dad (the honest-to-God truth...I kid you not.. also please note deer hunter is NOT one of our categories ;) ).  So instead, we've broken the guide down so you can find gifts by the types of interests of the person you're buying for. This way we hope to make it even easier for you to find something thoughtful and personalized for your loved ones.

You'll see a few notes from us interspersed where we've commented about key features or what we love about some of the items, but you can always find out more about any item by just clicking directly on the image which will take you to the website where product details are shared and where you can purchase the item if you wish!

Within each category we've also sectioned the gifts by price point so that you can shop according to your budget! 

So without any further ado- we hope you'll do yourself a favor and flip through our holiday gift guide to save yourself the time, energy, and stress!

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With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer