Fall Florals for Thanksgiving


I have a saying about Christmas that I'm sure all my friends could quote to you, but which I will not utter here. Conceptually, however, it's important that you know I have usually been quite a stickler for keeping all things Christmas at bay until after Thanksgiving.  It's not that I'm a scrooge... au contraire, Christmastime is one of my absolute favorite "seasons". But I have long said that Christmas is even better when you wait for it.

This business of starting Christmas in September when it's still 80 degrees outside is absolute bananas!  (yes, I'm looking at you my post-labor-day-Mariah-Carey-blasting-peppermint-mocha-sipping-jingle-belling friends!!) . To me, it cheapens Christmas til it ceases to feel seasonal at all! The magic of Christmas is that it lasts for just a season... and that is why it evokes such a particular set of emotions and memories in us.

In fact in years past I have been adamant about not listening to even a single Christmas carol prior to Thanksgiving, and I've been the first to cry "HERESY!" to those who choose to indulge in a carol (or twenty) before that imaginary cutoff line I have constructed in my mind!!

Yet I confess... this year, knowing how short the season has felt especially in the last couple of years, we have begun...


But don't worry.... we haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving, and autumn, and the proper changing of the guard from one season to the next. This weekend we will be with Daniel's family and next weekend we will be heading to the suburbs to spend time with family for the holiday.

I have a second confession: my family does not cook Thanksgiving dinner!! I mean, we EAT Thanksgiving dinner, but one year my Aunt generously invited our family to join them to dine OUT for Thanksgiving. I was a stubborn middle schooler at the time and I was not thrilled about this decision.  But we went... and the food was DIVINE... the stuffing was exactly like the kind my Grandma Ethel makes - big chunks of bread, savory herbs, cooked to perfection....the sides were all served family style making it feel kind of like we were at home... and then we went home and no one had to clean up!  As you might imagine our laziness trumped any sense of respect for the sanctity of tradition... and then one day in college my mom and I were talking on the phone about upcoming thanksgiving plans and I non-chalantly said "oh- we'll be going out to Aunt Mick's right? should I just meet you there?" like it was the most expected thing.... and this year, that is exactly what we will be doing again!

But because we go out for our Thanksgiving meal, it means we wear our Thanksgiving finest (no elastic waisted sweatpants for this crew!). So this year I wanted to find something that still felt true to autumn, but that was a bit dark and moody at the same time. Maybe it's because I'm ready for the new season to come!

This dress is elegant and chic while also a bit bohemian and the colors are perfect for the last hoorah of Fall! To be honest, I think this dress looks best with pumps, but when it's cold as an igloo out these Zara sock boots are sleek enough to work with it :)

This dress also layers really nicely with a long waterfall front coat like the one above.  This coat by the way is an absolute steal and looks so classic.  I've linked it here as well!

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with loved ones - stay tuned for our Holiday Gift Guide coming soon!

With love from Chicago,



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