Checkered Storets Dress


Hey guys! I don't know about you, but over here we're ready for the weekend. Lucky for me, I've got the day off tomorrow, so the weekend is almost here!

The reason I'm taking the day off is so I can run some last minute errands and get ready for a Stranger Things party we're hosting to watch the new season!!

It may come as a surprise, but I actually LOVE all things spooky, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for that reason.  It falls just at the right time of year when it's usually a little bit cold and blustery out, and there's sort of an inherent eeriness in the air.  I also love that it's an anomaly: I'm not a goth, and I don't spend every day of my life thinking about bats and ghosts and graveyards. In fact most people would probably use words like happy, bright or bubbly to describe me (pretty much the polar opposite of any words associated with this holiday), but at Halloween I couldn't be more excited about everything dark and scary!

I think there's something wonderfully refreshing about not having to always be exactly the same way, or do the same things that people would expect you to do, or be fully consistent in absolutely every facet of your life!

Having unique and somewhat inexplicable variances in the things you love is what makes you HUMAN (and interesting!!). 

I think that's why I love this Storets dress :) With its big black checkered print and grey cotton hood attached, this dress gives off some major skater girl vibes, but it also has touches of classic elegance with its gathered waist and flattering cut.

These aspects of the dress could be seen as contradictory, but instead it really feels like the ying and the yang of it.  It feels playful. And balanced. And somehow, therefore, totally consistent.

I paired it with sleek over the knee boots to play up the femininity and a suede zara bag for a bit of color, but I'm also excited to wear it with sneakers or combat boots with a sporty backpack.

Check out the full look below.



With love from Chicago,