Everyday Urban Sunday Seven: #8


Now that December is here, we can officially indulge in a bit of Christmas cheer (without being judged… because to be clear, I was already indulging a bit….)

We’re excited to bring you some really awesome ideas for this holiday season in today’s Sunday Seven roundup. If you want to make the most of this season, start your planning now! Hopefully you’ll find these resources helpful for holiday decor, party hosting, party-going, and all kinds of other fun.

1) The Prettiest Winter Watch

I love putting a festive touch in everything I wear during the holiday season. One of my favorite accessories is the Beverly Marble watch from MVMT Watches because of it’s gorgeous winter whites color scheme! It’s also extra special to me because my wedding gift to Daniel was a MVMT Watch :)


2) Festive Attire for Holiday Parties

December usually seems to come up on us so innocently, but one week in to the month and you’ll quickly find every minute of your calendar for the entire month is already booked. Holiday parties can be so much fun, but not if you’ve got 5 of them and not a single festive thing to wear! Save yourself the stress, and check out our party wear favorites for him and her!

For Her:

For Him:

3) In My Christmas Jammies

Remember that amazing family that did their holiday card via you tube in their Christmas Jammies? Well good luck being as cool as they are if you don’t have Christmas Jammies… As Daniel will attest- Christmas Jammies get me pretty pumped, so I’m linking my absolute faves below.

For Her:

For Him:

4) This. Just… This.

You’re welcome. That’s all that can be said.

5) Stellar Holiday Party Menu Ideas

Sometimes hosting can be intimidating, but if you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve you can do it! 

First tip: Stick with 2-3 appetizers but make a lot of them.  Make sure they’re items that you can batch ahead of time, keep in the fridge, and just pop in the oven right before serving. Or better yet, pick items that don’t require cooking at all! Ideas include Charcuterie Boards you can stage ahead of time, bowls of chex mix and roasted mixed nuts, or easy dips you can make in batch. 

Second tip: Don’t waste time making cocktails for guests, instead set out ingredients for 1-2 cocktails and provide instructions for how they can mix their own.  OR just stick to wine.

The final tip: Glance through this amazing gallery if you plan to serve dinner.  There are a ton of great ideas that won’t require you to be in the kitchen all evening!

6) The Prettiest Holiday Cocktail

This cocktail is so pretty I want to serve it at every single Christmas event EVER! And it’s courtesy of my fave: Half Baked Harvest! Whip this up for guests and they’ll think you’re a regular, everyday, Martha Stewart!


7) Mega Christmas Morning Upgrades!!

I’ve made THIS recipe for a couple of Christmas brunch parties and it’s been a BIG hit!! However sometimes on Christmas morning you want to have a bit of dessert for breakfast too. This gorgeous and festive monkey bread looks absolutely delightful, and if you’re looking for an easy, make ahead option…ohhhhh my goodness this Creme Brulee French Toast is giving me all kinds of feels!

With love from Chicago, 

Jennifer + Daniel