Everyday Urban Sunday Seven: #7


Today, ladies and gentlemen, marks a very special moment for the Sunday Seven.

First, you could say this is the golden birthday of our series - it’s Sunday Seven Number Seven!

Secondly, it coincides with 11/11. So it’s the Seventh Seven on Eleven Eleven! (try saying that ten times fast!)

This week’s roundup is very reflective of what’s been on our minds lately…namely the upcoming holiday season! Take a peek at some things we’re looking forward to!

1) The Piéce de Resistánce of the Thanksgiving Table


Alright everybody, let’s just drop the charade… I know you’re used to referring to Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day”, but I mean… we all know that it’s really not about the Turkey. No no no, it’s never really been about the turkey.  So there’s no need to maintain this absurd story any longer.  Let’s just come right out and call it Stuffing Day..AMIRIGHT??!!! And since this is the dish your guests really care about, why not delight them with this unique take on the classic dish.  There are all kinds of delicious stuffing recipes out there, but only one that comes straight from the kitchen of Thomas Keller himself.  I’m sold!

2) Holiday Games for the Monica Geller in your Fam

Speaking of the holidays, when we’re together with family, there’s bound to be some good old fashioned game time. The analogue kind where human beings in the same physical location, use real words (not text messages) and play with physical boards, cards, dice and materials- like stuff you can actually touch (what a concept!).  A few family favorites are:

  • Werewords: basically 20 questions, but with a few fun twists and some really challenging words! This game comes from the same universe as one of our all time favorites, One Night Werewolf (think mafia but shorter and with an app).

  • Codenames: the best game for people who love words and seeing clever connections between things

  • Ticket to Ride: a classic family game!

3) All Things Merry and Bright

Speaking of holidays, we’ve been getting SUPER antsy for Christmas. I feel like every year I become more and more willing to invite Christmas to commence just a smidge sooner than the previous year! I already listened to one Christmas song, and honestly I’m not mad about it. I’ve been holding out on decorating the apartment, but you better believe that the minute Thanksgiving Day is done, we will be pulling out the stockings, putting up the tree, and going into full-on Christmas mode.

There are a few holiday decor pieces I’ve got my eye on:

4) Black Friday Sales to know about

I know it’s hard to believe, but Black Friday is actually right around the corner! While most retailers haven’t given all the details about their sales and promos, there area few Black Friday sales that we always find stand out above the rest. Our favorites? Macy’s, Target, and Nordstrom! Nordstrom also has some pretty great sales running early, so I’ve rounded up a few favorites below:

5) The Best Place to Snag Unique Gifts in Chicago

Honestly, my fellow Chicagoans…I would not steer you wrong, and there is no better place to find gifts for your family than at Renegade Craft Fair - the Summertime version is one of Daniel's and my favorite Chicago festivals (we highlighted in one of our Chicago Summer Guides!!) because of the amazing craftmanship and quality items we find! We love all of the decorative home items, candles, and jewelry but there’s so much more you’ll find at Renegade.  We’re marking our calendars for this one!

6) Keep those extremities toasty with these cozy accessories

Now that temps are below freezing, we’re in need of ALL the gloves, scarves and hats we can find! Here are a few of our cold weather faves:



7) The Perfect Event for the Scrooge in Your Life

If you live in Chicago, and you know a holiday Scrooge who needs validation…the Second City event “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sweater” is for you! Or if you just want to laugh… a lot.  Some of Chicago’s funniest humans will be lighting up the Second City stage with a good old-fashioned ROAST.  Except this roast is about all the things we love/hate about Christmas.  To prepare - make sure you hit those sit-ups so you can withstand the side-splitting humor.

With love from Chicago,

Jennifer + Daniel