Everyday Urban Sunday Seven: #5


Well hello friends, we’re back with the Sunday Seven!! This week’s list is pretty eclectic- we hope you enjoy!

1) The refreshingly original Netlfix show we just binged: Maniac

This genre bending, 10 episode limited series had us hooked when we heard just two words: Emma. Stone. If you need more, Jonah Hill delivers a phenomenal performance in this psychological roller coaster as two strangers’ paths continue to intertwine in a dream world induced by a pharmaceutical drug test. It’s a refreshing story line of friendship that confronts past hurts and the psychological barriers that attempt to keep Stone’s and Hill’s characters from finding inner peace.

2) The Halloween cocktail we’re already plotting to make

This “Witch’s Heart Halloween Cocktail” not only looks spooky as heck, but it’s got that mysterious and classy element to it that we love! I’m already securing the ingredients to make this shimmery midnight blue beverage. In particular, I’m snagging those unique ingredients that I don’t already have on hand, namely: baking luster powder, dry ice (or if you’re finding it tough to find dry ice- I found the coolest stir sticks that will add some magic to your next batch of cocktails!!), and apple vodka. 

3) The next Chicago restaurant on our list

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but Daniel and I have been craving both Korean and Chinese food lately. Something about the chilly air makes us want warm hearty meals with somewhat exotic flavors! Lately we have been really looking forward to taking a trip to Chinatown to eat at Dolo Restaurant for Dim Sum. Dolo was featured on Eater Chicago’s 38 essential restaurants this Fall, so we know we can’t go wrong!

4) My all-time favorite facial moisturizers

This time of year, Chicago weather undergoes a magnificent but somewhat brutal change. last week we experienced a temperature variance of about 40 degrees in just a few short days. Naturally, both my hair and skin respond dramatically to it! Every Summer, I use a lightweight moisturizer that is oil free and keeps me from breaking out in the heat and humidity, but once Fall kicks into high gear, i LOVE this honest beauty moisturizer. It’s more luxurious and hydrating than my Summer one, but not oily or sticky. Kudos to Honest Beauty for also making their products available at an approachable price point! Both my Summer and My Fall/Winter moisturizers are linked below!

5) Daniel’s go-to hair product

Men, if you’ve been disillusioned with every hair product you’ve come across feeling that you have to choose a strong hold that will leave your hair looking like a shiny greasy helmet, or a natural feeling product that can’t keep your hair in place to save its life, look no further! This little miracle in a jar will keep even the thickest hair in place while still having a natural looking matte finish and allowing for some movement. If you live in Chicago, it’s your lucky day because this miracle product is only available at Chicago area Zazu Salons! Head over to a location near you to snatch it up!


6) Skinny jeans are OVER!

Skinny jeans for men have been on trend for quite a while, but there are some new cuts making appearance that will keep you on the right side of current trends. Some of the tapered cuts that are appearing right now offer a tailored look, despite the looser fit through the leg.

7) My new love of bold patterns

One of my favorite things about fashion is that what you wear can both make a statement about who you are and about who you want to be in a given moment or for a specific setting or point in time. While I love having some defining elements to my personal style, I also love being adventurous and doing new and creative things with what I wear that break expectations. One way I’ve been more adventurous lately is through bold patterns! I’ve linked just a few of my favorite bold, patterned pieces that I’ve been wearing lately below!


With love from Chicago,

Jennifer + Daniel