Everyday Urban Sunday Seven: #1

Daniel and I are really pumped to launch this blog series that, to be honest, has kind of been a long time coming!  Often as we're researching and executing home projects, making travel plans, or as we're just living our day-to-day life here in the city, we come across some really cool ideas that we want to share with you.  Eventually we realized we should just pull these bits together into a weekly roundup that gives some fun and practical ideas that are *mostly* targeted towards urban living! This roundup is really just our way of condensing some helpful information we can pass on to you!

Every Sunday we'll release our weekly roundup. We'll be featuring everything from great small space living and design solutions that we come across, to educational podcasts for your commute, to apps or gadgets we use around the house that make life so much easier, to recipes we're loving right now! We'll also sprinkle in some not-so-EVERYDAY stuff like travel tips or unique events taking place here in Chicago; and we'll include some not-just-URBAN stuff like great recipes that anyone anywhere would fall in love with!

Each week we'll round up 7 things we're loving and are dying to share with you :) 

Hope you enjoy!

1) The Fall meal we can't wait to make

I know Summer isn’t over yet, and while I’m not wishing it away, I can't help drooling over all the Fall recipes that are proliferating out on the interwebs ;) You guys know I'm obsessed with everything that ever shows up on Half Baked Harvest, and this Crock Pot Creamy Wild Rice Soup is no exception! BONUS: since this soup is made in a slow cooker, it’s perfect for busy weeknights where you have no time to come home and cook, and there is nothing better than knowing a comforting, scrumptious meal awaits you at the end of a long day!

2) THE best kept secret for Nespresso Lovers!

When it comes to caffeinated beverages, I have to let you all in on an incredibly well kept secret.  Seriously I think someone is being paid off to NOT advertise these clear Ikea Coffee Mugs!

Specifically, if you are a Nespresso lover like myself, you may have heard of the beautiful Nespresso View glasses. I had ogled these gorgeous clear, coffee mugs and cups for months, but kept holding back from buying them because I already have coffee mugs and who wants to spend $24 (or more!) for just two cups solely so I can see the beautiful layers of my espresso and cream? Not this girl... So I searched for other options on Amazon but with little success. Then one day my mom and I went to Ikea and I happened to stumble upon these AMAZING clear coffee mugs that are a THIRD of the price of the Nespresso View mugs.  Like 1/3 of the price. like. 33.33%...like... whaaaaat? While I can't speak on whether there are design elements to the Nespresso cups that may give them a slight edge, i do know that these mugs do a great job of showing of my coffee in a visually appealing way, that they are very durable, that they can safely be microwaved, and that they are safe to touch after being filled with hot beverages! 

I absolutely love these clear coffee cups and highly recommend them if you have latent, unfulfilled barrista talents that you wish to unleash.


3) The cutest gift idea under $10

Earlier this year I bought this adorable mini waffle maker for a colleague of mine for a secret Valentine exchange and everyone freaked out about the overwhelming cute-ness of it! Daniel always loves when we make waffles at home, so don't go thinking this is a girls only kind of gift! The white color is under $10 and would be the perfect kitchen accent!


4) The most convenient and effective facial wipes

Speaking of practical items that I LOVE to have around, these exfoliating facial wipes by Nip and Fab have become one of my favorite easy/lazy skincare solutions. These little pads make your skin feel oh so fresh!! 

I got hooked on these cleansing pads about a year ago after going down a looooong bunny hole of research about skincare. The glycolic acid promotes cell turnover which helps brighten the skin. These are also SO SO convenient for travel. I just stocked up on some more of these that I brought with me on our trip to Italy, and it made it so easy to keep my face clean!

5) A life-saving travel organizer!

Speaking of travel, we spent a TON of time preparing for our recent trip to Italy. Daniel had never been anywhere in Europe, so to say that we were excited would be quite the understatement! In preparation I searched endlessly for travel size toiletries, skincare, and makeup products that we could bring along, clothing and shoes that will be cute but practical to walk around in, and also gadgets to help us function on the go! Since my packing techniques of yore have often been haphazard, I knew I would need some help in the organization department this time around (especially given the fact that we need to pack for two weeks worth of time). One item that I especially LOVED having in my suitcase was this travel makeup/cosmetics organizer! I found this exact item on several different trusted lists with people going on and on about how amazing it is! The compartments are all adjustable to you can configure the case in whatever arrangement best suits your own needs. Imagine not having 5 different bags for toiletries (plus a random toothbrush floating around the bottom of your suitcase and some kind of make-up spilling on your favorite white shirt)! It was hard for me to fathom before I experienced it (since I had not previously experienced this level of travel organization) but this was a game changer!

6) A delicious and educational dinner at TWO Restaurant

For readers living in Chicago, you should IMMEDIATELY put down what you are doing and call TWO Restaurant to book a seat (or two) at their next Wine Education Dinner! Everything I have ever eaten at TWO is absolutely delicious. Their food is seriously top notch. Once a month, TWO hosts a wine dinner which consists of three courses plus wine pairings for just $55 (plus tax and tip of course) which is SUCH a good value! Add to that the fact that you will be guided by an expert Sommelier to better understand the wine pairings that have been carefully selecte for each course! Such a cool way to enjoy a date night where you can also learn something along the way! 

7) That 70s Trend!

Fall fashion is always something we look forward to, but this year one of the uniquely fun trends is a return to the 70's.  Yes, you can find this trend cropping up just about everywhere, but in our opinion, the spot that’s doing it best? MANGO! See below for my picks for women and Daniel's picks for men!

For Women:

For Men


That's it for this week's Sunday Seven! Check back each Sunday for our new roundup!

With love from Chicago,

Daniel + Jennifer